Tip: Rock N Roll Tote Bags Can Be Used As Gift Bags
The Beatles Music Gift For Him

Almost anything Beatles is an appreciated gift. The Beatles have so many different gift
ideas and they are the most popular band around for memorabilia. So if you know a
Beatles fan, you can't go wrong with a gift; you can also chose individual Beatles like John
Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney (who's considered one of the greatest music
composers ever) and /or Ringo.

Beatles albums have increased in value tremendously over the years. The most popular
being the
"Butcher" album. Following is the White album. But depending on the issue
date, whether it is the original or a re-release, the value will differ. However, the
appreciation of their music holds value no matter what the album rarity.
Rock N Roll Gifts for the Music Fan
Music Wall Art - Great Music Gift Idea  

A favorite gift idea is a framed album cover. The artwork can be
stunning wall art. It's so easy to frame an album and hang it on the wall.
Decorate an entire wall with different covers and artists or all the
releases from a particular artist. This historical account of album covers
makes a perfect music gifts for any music fan.  

The Classic Rock Albums of the 60s has some beautiful psychedelic
artwork; options also include specific music artists, favorite songs and
bands are numerous and there's plenty opportunity to find just the right
album cover to frame for a personanlized gift idea.
From AC/DC to ZZ Top, rock and roll music memorabilia makes a unique gift idea.
There's a large selection of rock and music gifts to choose from and that's the great thing
about music gifts; everyone loves getting it for any occasion - birthdays, anniversaries,
holidays, hostess gifts or for no reason at all. There's also a wide range of wonderful rock
and roll gifts for babies to grandparents; after
all, rock and roll has been around for over
50 years. They're such wonderful gift ideas because music is personal.
Music Collectibles & Memorabilia Gift Ideas
A great gift idea is a magazine
subscription - a gift that keeps on
giving all year; or three, depending on
how long you pay for the subscription.

Some suggestions are Rolling Stone
Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine and
Guitar World. There are others to
choose from but these always seem to
be the most popular.

Gifting older collectible magazines is
another idea, such as vintage
Stone Magazines, Beatles, or other
favorite artists featured on older
covers with interviews and posters
inside. Some of them will even have
pull out posters in the middle - do you
remember those?
Rock N Roll Board Games - Great Music Gift Idea For Parties

There are a lot of music board games out now including KISS Bingo, Rock Star Life (remember the
Life game?),
Elvis Yatzee and so many different choices of Monopoly.

Trivial Pursuit is very popular. How much do you really know about Rock N Roll? Challenge your
friends and family and test and increase your knowledge of Rock and Roll Music. It's always fun to
have table board games to play after dinner or in front of a fireplace with friends. This type of
entertainment is fun for parties or a family and friends gathering.
The fun of giving, receiving and wearing rock and roll jewelry is sure to be noticed.
Everyone can relate to music and the attentive compliments of the jewelry pieces, no
matter how big or small, are always forthcoming. It opens up great conversations about
music and forms a bond of relating to similar interests.
Create Your Own Classic Rock Album Framed Display - A Unique
and Affordable Music Gift Idea  Head out to a local record shop and
browse through their wide selection of vinyl albums. When it comes
to framing a classic rock album, you will find that most of the 60s
abums fit the standard album display.
Make a custom album display. Buy
the frame and design, then place your
own album cover and vinyl inside the
framework. Makes unique wall art and
decoration for rooms, home, office -
Spinal Tap "One Louder"

How many times have you seen "Spinal Tap?" Can you quote from
it?  It's a classic. For any Spinal Tap fan, all you have to say is "One
Louder" and you will always get a chuckle. There are a lot of Spinal
Tap items available and you're sure to find the perfect one for a fun
gift idea.
Rock N Roll for the home can be a great
Hostess Gift when invited to a party or a
dinner. They're also fun gifts for family
members or friends that love music and
enjoy the unusual. These type of gifts are
appreciated over and over as they are used.

These are just some ideas to get your mind
thinking about the variety of rock and roll
gifts that are available and the uniqueness
that can be found. These gifts last and are
appreciated for many years to come. It is
also a lot of fun to go shopping for music
gifts, as it brings back many of the
memories as you browse through the stores
to find that perfect gift for that special
Rock and Roll Music Gifts For The
Home & Unique Housewarming Gifts
Rolling Stone
Throw Pillow
Pink Floyd Incense
Led Zeppelin
Candle Holder