Collecting Vintage Rolling Stone Magazines - The Covers, Artwork and Past
Issues Are All Collectible.

If you happen to be a collector of vintage rock music magazines , then there are most likely issues of Rolling Stone
magazine in the "vault" of your collection. A good number of hobbyists still appreciate browsing through the past issues,
which goes back to the awesome 60s. These issues have remained favorites as they were able to capture the significant
expression of music and culture of its time.

And it wasn't exclusively music artists and bands who coveted the cover of the magazine, it was also celebrities, athletes,
models and politicians.

The original publication was on November 9, 1967 in San Francisco, California. It documented the soul of the hippie
movement along with protests of the Vietnam War, and bra burning. Whoever made the cover of the Rolling Magazine
meant instant overnight success. Remember the song by Dr. Hook "On The Cover of the Rolling Stone?"

It is now 50 years since the first issue, and they are still considered one of the best collectibles in magazines.
"Rolling Stone is not just about the music, but about the things
and attitudes that music embraces."

- Jann Wenner - Founder & Publisher
First Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine,
November 9, 1967
The Early Days of Rolling Stone with Founder Ben Fong-Torres
This video presents Ben Fong-Torres who discusses behind the scenes information on the concept and creation of this
non-mainstream magazine and the excitement of working for Rolling Stone for 11 years. He speaks of the innovative
discoveries of musical personalities and political editorials that captured the culture of that 60s generation.

It once was and still is the only magazine that comes out every two weeks.
Magazine Formats From 1967- Present

The original published issues were tabloid size that folded like a newspaper. The text was black ink and there were no
staples used in the binding. That format was published until 1972.

It kept up with the times and In 1973, the newspaper size changed and colors were added. The bar code made it's
premiere in 1979. Then, once again it would change and for the next twenty years (1980 - 2008) it was issued as a glossy
large format magazine.

Since Oct. 2008, it's become a standard size and formated magazine.

The Rolling Stone Magazine Archives are available for FREE but only for magazine subscribers.
First Ten Collectors' Issues

The first ten issues of the magazine have a high value and, as I always mention, condition means a lot when
determining value. There are also certain issues that have become valuable; including the deaths of Jimi Hendrix,
Jim Morrison of The Doors,
Janis Joplin and John Lennon.

There have also been many Special Editions put out by Rolling Stone over the years; including the
Woodstock issue
which is also a high collectible. There's a U.S. and a U.K. edition of their Woodstock issue and some of them go for
over a hundred dollars (condition, condition, condition). There are other specific issue covers and Special Editions
over the years that have also become quite collectible.
Remember the "Cover of the Rolling Stone?"

What a great and fun song that was by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show released in 1972. It certainly tells us how coveted it
was to have "your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone" then and still now. The video is so cool because it shows a
variety of all the different covers over the years and it's amazing how it represents the different cultural popularities at the

Because of the song, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show finally made the cover of the Rolling Stone in March of 1973.
However, it was not a photograph of the band, but a caricature. The name under the picture reads "What's-Their-Names
Make the Cover."
The Beatles, as
individuals or as
the band, have
appeared over 30
Rolling Stone
Woodstock Issue is
One of the Most
Popular to Collect.
If you were on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Magazine then you have made the Rock and Roll
history books. Rolling Stone Magazine has
definitely made it's mark in music history - and it
just keeps on rockin'.

There have been some amazing people who
have been interviewed and some great
journalists that have contributed over the years.
Click thru to Youtube to listen and watch the
Official Dr. Hook Video.
Madonna has appeared on more covers than any
other female, either alone or in a "collage" cover.
Rolling Stone Magazine
Special Editions
Sometimes a musical event
or historical moment
deserves it's own full issue.
That's when the Rolling
Stone will put out a special
issue; which some have
become very popular and
valuable. Some of the most
valuable issues are Jimi
Hendrix or Janis Joplin's
death and Woodstock
Festival Special Edition.
Collecting Rolling Stone Vintage Magazine Issues