Classic Rock Framed
Albums - Unique and
Affordable Gift Idea!
It's so easy to shop in a local
record store and browse
through their wide selection
of vinyl albums. When it
comes to framing a classic
rock album, you will find that
most of the 60s album
covers are absolutely
beautiful works of art. After
all, it was the psychedelic

Frames that are made for
albums fit all of them. It's
"one size fits all."
Decorate your Home, Music
Room, Office, Dorm or Any Wall

Any room can be enhanced with  
framed album displays. An unique
decor idea  as a music themed
room using album covers as wall
art. The artwork can be a stunning
wall display of art. It's so easy to
frame an album and hang it on the
DIY - Make Your Own
These frames are a perfect fit for
any album and are easily hung on
the wall.  Frame one or fill up the
entire wall with different classic
rock albums.
Decorate an entire wall with different covers and artists or
account of album covers makes a perfect music gift for any
music fan.

The Classic Rock Albums of the 60s has some beautiful
psychedelic artwork; however, artists, favorite songs and
bands are numerous and there's plenty opportunity to find
just the right album cover to frame for your home, office or
other decor.
Framed Album Displays