Are you an Elvis Presley Fan? The one and only "King of Rock and Roll."

Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1986!

Are you a novice or seasoned collector of Elvis Presley music memorabilia? One of the most enjoyable
activities of collecting music memorabilia is searching to find the right pieces at the right prices.  During those
searches, great memories of specific music triggers special events in your life and become memorialized.
Whether you're one of those lucky original rockers who saw Elvis Presley live or just being introduced to his
music, there's no denying he created a musical revolution in rock and roll using the grassroots of blues and
country - and a great stage persona.

Elvis captured the hearts of the young and brought rock and roll music into their generation.

As your education grows as a collector, it is fulfilling and satisfying to delve even deeper into Elvis Presley's
music history. Understanding time lines of creation and retrospective decisions made regarding music and
career choices incorporates a knowledge of value in each period of his enduring musical career.  Specific
concert swag, historical concert posters, ticket stubs, promo items for album releases, and personally-owned
items occurring in specific times of Elvis Presley's history adds to the value of any collection.

In addition, knowing Elvis Presley's career can give you valuable insight into an item when it comes up for
auction.  Studying previous prices acquired for memorabilia in the past will help you judge it's current value
and, possible future significance. Knowledge of his life and how it influenced his music (Suspicious Minds)
can add a value in personal and hobby collection.

The key to music memorabilia and collectibles is tying it in with music history. Happy Hunting Music Lovers!
Elvis Presley Memorabilia & Collectibles