Collecting Rock and Roll Concert Backstage Passes

Concert and tour backstage passes are great collectibles. They’re unique and limited in production. Usually, the
promoter prints a limited amount for a specific venue or tour. Then they’re distributed exclusively to crew, guests, and /
or VIPS (record industry, publicists, etc.) with varying access; such as Backstage, All Access, After Show, etc.

Specific colors and styles are used for individual concerts. The three main types of passes are laminate for durability,
usually to use for a tour, cloth passes for multiple uses or satin passes usually for a single use or venue.
How to Tell Authentic Backstage Passes vs Reproductions

There are basically three kinds of passes: cloth (stick-on) passes, paper (stick-on) passes and laminated passes.
Each type has its own detection methods for determining authenticity.


Laminated passes are the easiest and cheapest passes to counterfeit, thanks to the advent of digital printing,
because the counterfeiter can scan and Photoshop a color image and have it printed with little trouble. Many
counterfeiters don't even take the precaution of copying an authentic pass, but will instead make up their own pass,
using graphic images associated with the artist--from album covers, concert advertisements, posters, and other

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Authentic vs Reproductions

1. Quality of printing is poor.  Words
should not be blurry or crooked.

2. Poor quality of true colors.  Colors
should be defined.

3. Pictures or graphics are unclear,
blurry and without definition.

4.  Lettering on passes appear to be
the same for different tours or different

5. The backing of the pass is not
genuine on vintage passes. There were
specific manufacturers over the years