If it's a Beatles Item - Then it's Collectible

One of the most sought after for autographs, collectibles and memorabilia
is The Beatles  Even Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley can't compete in the
record collection, investment value and desired keepsakes of the
Beatles. There's a sizeable selection of available Beatles collectibles for
anyone on any budget.
Just Published! The Beatles -
Fab Finds of the Fab Four-
Rare Beatles Items -

Original early Beatles items from the 60s are considered rare items and great finds. Although, depending on the
collectible, and it's condition, prices may be hefty.  But that doesn't mean you can't find a rare item in your budget
range. Education in knowing what to look for, and patience in finding it is a key to wisely building a Beatles collection.

Some good finds can be made in vintage teen magazines, trading cards, and vintage novelty items. Medium swag items
consist of early concert memorabilia, such as tickets, venue posters, original apparel, passes and programs - and even
original Fan Club material.

High end items such as autographed albums, personally owned items and just about anything signed can bring up bids
in an auction. Even with these items it is prudent to know your market, availability and price.  Then, when a rare,
one-of-a-kind item comes along, the value can be recognized by an educated buyer.
Beatles Memorabilia and Collectibles
However, if you're a serious collector, there are some exciting pieces found in auctions - high price houses such as
Sotheby's and Christies Rock And Roll Auction to a discovery on eBay. But you must be vigilant, do your homework

and have patience. Taking time to find the right item for the right budget, will pay off for many years; including individual
pieces of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Another avenue to pursue in the hunt for Beatles memorabilia is attending conventions. Many vendors attend selling a
variety of memorabilia, and finding a diamond among the fabulous pearls is always possible.

From a Beatles candy bar wrapper, to the Beatles wig, lunchboxes, trays, and even McFarlane toys, are popular and
treasured collectibles among the hobbyists.