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The Beatles memorabilia is some of the most sought after and
valuable. However, there's one album that trumps them all -
The "Butcher" album.  The cover had ripped off dolls' heads
and was recalled.  Do you have one? How to tell if there's a
"Butcher" album cover to peel.
Collecting Vintage Concert Tickets, including Stubs
Collecting vintage concert tickets is a fun hobby. Learn the
value of each ticket and stub. Start a collection or add to it.
Great concert ticket albums to keep your collection organized.
What You Need To
Know About
Concert Passes
Classic 60s Rock & Roll Memorabilia
The popular music artists, bands, and music groups of
More Artists...
Collecting Classic Rock Music Memorabilia
Why Collect Memorabilia?
Owning an item that is directly linked to
your favorite artist is exciting, interesting,
and may be profitable. That piece of
memorabilia connects a moment in time
with your favorite Icon - and then there's
always the "thrill" of the hunt.
See Also...
From AC/DC to ZZ Top, rock
and roll music memorabilia
makes a unique gift idea.
Ebay can be a great hunting ground for
memorabilia and collectibles. Just know
what you're buying, and do your
research. This is where you will find the
best deals, at the best prices.
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"I always had a
repulsive need to
be something
more than human."
-David Bowie
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